Yang Zhaoqian: jointly write a new chapter of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation

[Detail] The National Coal Fair was held in Rizhao. Yang Zhaoqian accepted an interview with Rizhao Daily. Editor's note: The 2020 National Coal Fair was held in Rizhao, Shandong from December 4 to 6. On the opening day of the meeting on December 4, Rizhao Daily published an interview Article by Yang Zhaoqian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group Corporation-"Commonly Writing a New Chapter of Complementary Advantages, Cooperation and Win-Win-Interview with Yang Zhaogan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Rizhao Daily A4 version on December 4 Together write a new chapter of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation ——Interview with Shaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group Co., Ltd ...
  • Yang Zhaoqian: jointly write a new chapter of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation
  • China Coal Price Index-The middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River (Hubei) thermal coal price index officially released
  • Shaanxi Coal Group's corporate culture construction work meeting held in Huangling Mining
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High-quality development of non-coal industry in Pubai Mining Company

High-quality development of non-coal industry in Pubai Mining Company

An old coal company that has done a good job in the non-coal industry-there is a saying in the life of the high-quality development of the non-coal industry of Pubai Mining Company: "Live by the mountains and eat by the water" Coal is a matter of course, but for the Shaanxi Coal and Pubai Mining Company, which has a history of more than 60 years of development, the old way of relying on coal to eat coal is obviously not feasible or correct. Zhang's "web" has dragged on Pu Bai's high-quality progress, and has become a heavy stumbling block to the hearts of the families of more than 60,000 cadres and workers in Pu Bai! High-quality development is to let employees share the fruits of enterprise development. Where does the result come from? How to do? Since "Jindoudou" is not available from coal, then it is another way to start from the non-coal industry. This is a simple way to not only support more than 1,000 employees, but also generate more than one million yuan for Pubai every year. Shave meat on mosquito legs to eat. Entering the Jianzhuang Property Department of Pubai Industrial Co., the rows of books are hung like windows on the window, with dense daily changes in the price of vegetables. Some people have asked: "Such records do not Annoyed? "And the person in charge of the property department gave the answer," The price of vegetables will change with seasonal changes, but the employees must eat good services and not lose them. In this case, the price of vegetables changes every day. The "big data" becomes a barometer of savings. When to buy more and when to avoid high-priced dishes, you have a clear account in your heart, and you can save more than 10,000 a month! This is what motivates employees. "Bonus ..." What is saved is what is earned, but broadening the business is even more important. The industrial company regards "improving the quality of development with service standards" as the top priority. Northward and northern Shaanxi continue to broaden their business, not only contracting the security of many enterprises Business, also won more service canteens, apartment buildings, stadiums and more. "Each post seems to make little money, which can solve the problem of hard life for the workers in the old district. No matter how small the mosquito legs are, it is meat. As long as they can earn it, our property people look at it!" The employee said so. "Elder Brother" transformation. Pubai Thermal Power Company was a popular hotspot ten years ago. Young people have sharpened their heads and want to drill in. They can be regarded as the "leading leader" in the power sector of Pubai Old District. Due to operating costs and environmental protection, When the problems went downhill, coupled with the aging of the equipment units and the reduction of electricity consumption in the old mine closure, it was like a heavy punch on the face of a thermoelectric company that was undergoing a transformation and upgrade "singing a show". The sounds of the ups and downs. Under no circumstances can we wait for this. In this case, Pubai Thermoelectricity is self-innovating and has begun to make efforts on other projects. "We have the ability, technology, and experience, and we can fully increase the environmental protection control of the country. Realizing the gorgeous turn of our thermoelectric company, the head of the thermoelectric company said firmly at the business analysis meeting. "The system is operating normally and all parameters are qualified ..." This is a scene from the thermoelectric company's subsidiaries providing operating services for the construction of a new coal chemical industrial zone, a domestic sewage treatment station and a mine wastewater treatment station pollution source automatic monitoring facility ... Thermoelectric biomass transformation has been completed, and other projects such as photovoltaic power generation have entered the final stage. Although the name "Elder Brother" represents the end of an era, the "Elder Brother" stands up on the road of high-quality development of enterprises. chase. "Southern Expedition and Northern War" in a technical school. The Pubai Technical School, formerly known as the old campus of Shaanxi Energy Technology College, has sent a large number of talents to the coal industry throughout the country. However, after the country's expansion and reform, the technical school is no longer brilliant. "Xiang 饽饽" has become a "black 馍 馍" whose wages are difficult to continue. Facing the high-quality development of enterprises, what should technical schools do? It has become a "ballast stone" that troubles the cadres and workers of the technical school. "We must work hard to train the skills of skilled workers and change the past 'recruitment sources' to 'running students' and 'robbing students'." The school issued Such a call. Therefore, a battle to stick to the Guanzhong market, the northward expansion of the northern Shaanxi market, and the westward march began. During the battle, the technical school gave play to its advantages, training, internship, and job promotion, which will create high-quality composite talents for the enterprise The main point, "Have you heard? This time our mine training also opened official document writing. Now, our 'coal sunspots' can not only improve our literary accomplishment, but also write our own stories! "... In this way, the technical school's business is getting bigger and bigger, and it has built a strong brand with special training. In October 2019 alone, it completed more than 500 trainings of various types and sent more than 100 technical personnel to the coal industry in Shaanxi. Mi Fanbin Wang Xibei) ...

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