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This guy is reliable-remember Zhang Huiwen, technical backbone of Huangling Mining No. 2 Coal Mine Informatization Office

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This guy is reliable

——Remember Zhang Huiwen, Technical Backbone of Huangling Mining No. 2 Coal Mine Informatization Office


At a height of about one meter seven or eight, she is slightly blessed, with a fluffy, soft, slightly curly hair, her eyes narrowed slightly, and a little closer, you will find a few acne on the white face. 这是张慧文留给大多数人的初印象。 Not talking, a little introverted, and even a little shy ... This is the first impression Zhang Huiwen leaves for most people. 后小伙的一致评价。 In the eyes of colleagues around Zhang Huiwen, "stable" is almost the unanimous evaluation of the post-85s guy.

岁的张慧文从中国地质大学软件工程专业毕业。 In 2011, Zhang Huiwen, 22 , graduated from China University of Geosciences with a degree in software engineering. After graduating, Zhang Huiwen, like most of her classmates around, found a company in Beijing, but was called back to the coal mine by a call from her father. "Big cities have the glory of big cities, and small places have the ease and comfort of a small place. I prefer ease. I have been going to school for so many years, and I want to return to my parents." Regarding the past, Zhang Huiwen had no regrets, nothing more Regret.

月,张慧文回到陕煤集团黄陵矿业,被分配到了二号煤矿信息化办公室从事机电技术管理工作,主要负责黄陵二号煤矿井下监测监控系统、人员定位系统、通信联络系统等系统的日常维护及管理工作。 In September 2011, Zhang Huiwen returned to Shaanxi Coal Group Huangling Mining and was assigned to the No. 2 Coal Mine Information Office to engage in mechanical and electrical technology management work. He was mainly responsible for the underground monitoring and monitoring system, personnel positioning system, and communication system of Huangling No. 2 Coal Mine And other daily maintenance and management of the system. "You can't let yourself be idle by taking advantage of practical work, and you can't take it in the name of grand ideals to be impractical." In the eight years of the informationization office, Zhang Huiwen kept his original intention. Without skills and shortcuts, he did his work in a down-to-earth manner.

年,张慧文参与完成了二号煤矿井下四盘区瓦斯抽放泵站的建设, 6月项目刚一结束,他就去中煤科工集团重庆煤科院,参加KJ90NA/B )监控系统的专项培训,“很多知识的欠缺只有在做的过程中才能发现,只有不停的学习才有可能解决不断出现的新问题”,张慧文比谁都要珍惜这次难得的外出学习机会。 From 2012 to 2013 , Zhang Huiwen participated in the completion of the construction of the gas drainage pumping station in the four-pan area of No. 2 coal mine. As soon as the project was completed in June , he went to the Chongqing Coal Research Institute of China Coal Science and Industry Corporation to participate in B ) The special training of the monitoring system, "a lot of lack of knowledge can only be found in the process of doing it, and only constant learning can solve the emerging new problems." Zhang Huiwen cherish this rare outing more than anyone Learning opportunities. During the training, he asked if he did not understand, took notes as seriously as a student, and finally completed all courses with excellent grades and obtained the corresponding training certificate. In August of the same year, he obtained the title of Assistant Mechanical and Electrical Engineer.

Most of the work of the informatization office needs to be completed in collaboration with other departments and manufacturers. "These jobs seem to be cooperating with others, but in the end, they benefit from themselves. It ’s important to learn a little bit and accumulate a little bit." To others, the work is trivial or even lacks technical content. . 这些都被张慧文事无巨细地记录在自己的工作簿上,每完成一项他就会用笔在这项工作的后面打上对勾。 Where has the work progressed, what kind of cooperation needs to be provided by both parties, how much cooperation needs to be achieved, and the urgency of this work ... These are all recorded by Zhang Huiwen in his own workbook without any detail. After completing an item, he would use a pen to check the back of the job.

”就是这一点点看似微不足道的小事,温暖着、感动着这些在外奔波了多年的异乡人,工作中他们愿意和张慧文搭伙,更愿意毫无保留地将自己懂得的技术向这个年轻小伙倾囊相授。 "For so many years away from home, large and small companies have run a lot, but sincere guys like Zhang Gong are rare." When mentioning Zhang Huiwen, Xu Ping of Tiandi Changzhou Technology Co., Ltd. was grateful. After it was done, he called me to live with him in the duty room, and asked for a meal card in the restaurant. I did n’t have it, and he took out his own and used it for me ... "This seems to be insignificant. Little things, warm and moved these foreigners who have traveled abroad for many years. At work, they are willing to partner with Zhang Huiwen, and more willing to pass on the skills they know to this young guy without reservation.

In 2017, the underground monitoring system was suddenly interrupted in a large area, and the dispatching room could not monitor the underground environmental parameters in real time. 个小时,问题解决了才升井。 More than one o'clock in the morning, Zhang Huiwen rushed to the mine from home after receiving the phone call, and stayed under the well for 15 hours. The problem was solved and the well was raised. 小时开机,说是随叫随到一点也不夸张。啥事只要给他一安排你就只管把心放在肚子里,绝对是保质保量按时完成。”在领导眼中,张慧文绝对靠谱,工作上的事交给他放心。 "His mobile phone is always on for 24 hours. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is always on call. Whenever you arrange for him, you can just keep your heart in your stomach. It is definitely done on time." In his eyes, Zhang Huiwen is absolutely reliable, and he can rest assured of his work.

监测监控系统升级改造,熬夜加班成了张慧文的家常便饭。 In 2019, the KJ95N monitoring system was upgraded, and staying up late to work overtime became a routine part of Zhang Huiwen. 年来到信息化办公室的秦涛回忆道。 "I went into the office one morning and no one else was there yet. I saw Hui Wen wearing a sportswear, and also deliberately joked that you are brave and do n’t wear work clothes. Then I learned that after he came home from work yesterday, When I was ready to exercise, I was called back to the mine. "Qin Tao, who came to the information office in 2015 , recalled. During the upgrading process, Zhang Huiwen had doubts about the system layout structure designed by the design institute. He proposed to arrange the system substations at the entrance of the roadway according to the transmission principle and characteristics of the monitoring and monitoring system equipment, and then all the sensors were connected in series to five. On the signal line. 万元。 It is understood that this solution of Zhang Huiwen not only reduced the production cost, but also reduced the daily maintenance of the system. The laneway after the transformation only needs one line, and one laneway can save nearly 20,000 yuan.

Stand solidly in every shift, do every job, and do everything well. After working for many years, Zhang Huiwen had dreams in his heart, silently planned and implemented silently, step by step, and gradually grew into a professional business technology backbone such as No. 2 coal mine monitoring and monitoring system, personnel positioning system, communication and communication system. 年的“梅安森杯”第四届全国煤炭行业职业技能竞赛中级工组,他获得了三等奖。 He won the third prize in the middle group of the 4th National Coal Industry Occupational Skills Contest in the Mayan Cup in 2018 . In front of his achievements, he has never relaxed his requirements for himself, but continued to work hard to break through himself. Not long ago, in the "Henan Energy Cup" national coal industry vocational skills competition, Zhang Huiwen won the third prize of the individual of the safety instrument testing group and the eleventh place in the country for intelligent safety monitoring workers with solid business skills. While achieving glory for the enterprise, it has realized its own value.

In fact, there are countless Zhang Huiwen beside everyone. They are often immobile and impressed. When you think of it, oh, that person is a very silent and steady person! They may not be high-style and enthusiastic, but they usually add extra hours of work some day, they just do one thing day after day in the most common positions. However, it is these mine workers who are silent, down-to-earth, low-key, modest, humble, and even rude in our eyes, and excavate enough energy to change the earth in this "Ukin World". (Liu Qing)

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