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Group Themed Education "Looking Back" Report Series 4: Innovation is the touchstone for accelerating development

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  The fourth report of the series of supervision and inspection on the theme education of the group company "Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind"

Innovation is the touchstone for accelerating development

There is a kind of crossing that expresses feelings, and a kind of contact implies fortitude. If you haven't experienced it yourself, you won't be deeply impressed. In the hot land of entrepreneurship in northern Shaanxi, there are a group of interpreters and adherents of the spirit of "moving north". They use selfless dedication and fiery sentiment, do not change their original heart, take on the mission, and realize the value of life.

日至123日,集团公司主题教育“回头看”督导组一行,顶风冒雪,先后深入榆北煤业、榆林化学、北元化工等9家单位开展督导检查,感触最深的莫过于各企业在主题教育整改落实“回头看”中所体现出的思路创新、制度创新、管理创新、机制创新、科技创新所彰显的推进企业发展的无穷魅力。 From November 29th to December 3rd , the group ’s theme education “Looking Back” Supervising Group and the team went against the wind and snow. They went to Yubei Coal Industry, Yulin Chemical, Beiyuan Chemical and other 9 units to conduct supervision and inspection. There is no limit to the endless charm of promoting the development of enterprises, as reflected in the innovative thinking, institutional innovation, management innovation, mechanism innovation, and scientific and technological innovation in the theme education rectification and implementation of "looking back".

”工作法,挂图作战,久久为功,确保问题整改落实不走样。 Yubei Coal Industry Co., Ltd. takes the party's construction as the leader, adheres to the "four principles" of not concealing, avoiding, protecting shortcomings, and not covering up issues. It firmly holds the main responsibility of the party committee and "double responsibility for each post". "3 + 3 " work method, wall chart operations, long-term contribution, to ensure that the implementation of the rectification of the problem will not be out of shape. Highlight the five-character formulas of “Ask, Fast, Fall, Increase, Build”, organically integrate party building work with the work of the business center, and ensure that the “party and government work together” and “party and government share responsibility and examination” mechanism are implemented simultaneously to promote “ The construction of "Smart Mine" showed new vitality.

建设管理模式,将自动化、数字化、智能制造有机统一,从公司战略层面推动“智能工厂”建设,探索精细化工智能化之路。 Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. draws on the management experience of international advanced chemical parks, adopts the idea of "integration of engineering construction and production preparation and management", builds a new type of cooperative relationship with an open and inclusive attitude, introduces the IPMT construction management model, and integrates automation, digitalization, and intelligent manufacturing. , Promote the construction of "smart factories" from the strategic level of the company, and explore the road to the intelligentization of fine chemicals. 万吨的乙二醇工程,项目建成后将打破煤化工和石油化工瓶颈,实现“基础+高端”产品的无缝对接。 The first phase of the construction is to promote 1.8 million tons of ethylene glycol project. After the completion of the project, it will break the bottleneck of coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry and realize the seamless connection of "basic + high-end" products.

”岗位精细化管理模式为引领,搭建长效整改机制,坚决做实问题整改,打造了混合所有制企业党建品牌。 Beiyuan Chemical Group has a strong value for party building. It is guided by the establishment of "five spirits", promotion of "five cultures", promotion of "moving northward spirit", and implementation of " 12345 " post refined management model. The implementation of rectification of the problems has created a party-building brand for enterprises with mixed ownership. Adhere to the inward edge of the blade, make precise efforts, implement a low-cost strategy, and carry out targeted activities such as "benefit creation", "management landing" and "high-efficiency development", and realize "stable and long-term excellent" operation. Achieve new actions.

”指标体系,坚定不移实施“立足煤化、技创双驱、能效并举、协同发展”战略,“一企一策”管理模式,形成重点项目扎实推进、经营业绩稳中持续向好的良好格局。 Shenmu Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. closely follows the group's " 16555 " indicator system for the future development of the group company, and unswervingly implements the strategy of "based on coalification, dual technology drive, simultaneous energy efficiency, and coordinated development" and a "one enterprise, one strategy" management model, which forms solid key projects. Promote, stable and sustained good performance. 月份,所属6家生产主体单元实现月度全面盈利。 In October , the six main production units of the company achieved monthly profitability. The scientific and technological achievements of the “Development and Application of Large-scale Industrialized Low-level Pulverized Coal Rotary Pyrolysis Technology” jointly developed by the affiliated Tianyuan Company and Hualu Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Beijing and reached the international level. Leading level.

系统化”机制落实,推出绩效考核、人力资源、转型发展等10多项改革举措。 Fugu Energy Co., Ltd. highlights the strategic positioning of “electricity-based, multi-energy complementarity, clean and efficient, dislocation development”, establishes a clear direction of “focusing on quality and efficiency,” strengthens the implementation of the “big party building + systemization” mechanism, and launches performance More than 10 reform measures including assessment, human resources, transformation and development. 个百分点,减少有息负债1.02亿元,前三季度实现盈利3.41亿元。 Focus on the development of key indicators, strengthen benchmarking management and refined management, establish a dynamic evaluation system of economic indicators, reduce the asset-liability ratio by 2.17 percentage points from the beginning of the year, reduce interest-bearing liabilities by 102 million yuan, and achieve a profit of 341 million yuan in the first three quarters.

Shenwei Pipeline Company innovated the system and mechanism, strengthened follow-up and effectiveness, "focused on project management and internal management on one hand", carried out various types of business supervision and inspection on a regular basis, and improved the execution and work efficiency of party members and cadres at all levels. Condense the corporate culture that conforms to its own reality, and solidly organize the "one bidding stage" engineering conference battle to maximize the spirit of employees. 月31日,实现727公里管道全线贯通,以主题教育新成效,彰显工作新作为。 On October 31 , the 727- kilometer pipeline was completed, and new achievements in themed education were presented to demonstrate new work.   

”关键指标体系。 Huangling Mining Company focused on the high-quality development of the company and established the " 012558 " key indicator system of the company's "14th Five-Year Plan" for high-quality development in accordance with the requirements of the "Five Innovations". 管理、精细化管理、小企业改革和体制机制改革,完善了7家基层单位的法人治理结构,先后修订完善各类管理制度100余项。 The steady implementation of NOSA management, refined management, small business reform and institutional mechanism reforms has improved the corporate governance structure of 7 grassroots units, and has successively revised and improved more than 100 various management systems. Adhering to the combination of "industry, research, and research", speeding up the "four modernizations" and building the "five first-class" benchmarks have boosted the entrepreneurial spirit of the staff and officers.

先后修订完善11项规章制度,以制度的刚性提升管理效能。 The heavy equipment group has always carried out four key measures throughout the theme education rectification and implementation of the "look back" process, so as to achieve up-and-down linkage and integration, and dare to highlight the problems that have troubled the focus and reform of enterprises , and have revised and improved 11 rules and regulations. To improve the management efficiency with the rigidity of the system. Highlight technology leadership and innovation-driven. This year, many technical results have been applied in production. 米超大采高智能化采煤机, 9月份投入生产应用后,在我国煤机行业引起巨大反响。 Among them, the world's first 8.8- meter ultra-high intelligent mining coal mining machine independently researched and manufactured by the company, which was put into production and application in September , caused a great response in China's coal mining industry.

Combining the characteristics of overseas projects, Central Asia Energy Company has effectively explored new methods and new ways of overseas party building work, and has initially formed an overseas party building work model with the characteristics of Zhongda Petroleum. 篇可研性分析报告,为集团公司项目决策提供了依据。 Completed four feasibility analysis reports including the "Multinational Polypropylene Market Investigation and Analysis Report", which provided a basis for the group company's project decision. By actively innovating business management and financing models and flexibly allocating funds, the company's ability to withstand risks in dilemmas continues to increase.    (Group Corporation Theme Education Office)

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